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How to paint a nose

How to paint a nose and here I am painting the nose in a three quarter view, that is half way between a profile and straight on view. The features are painted How to paint a noseon an already pinkish coloured background which serves as a middle tone. We start off by painting in the slight diagonal line at the side of the nose and the rounded shape at the bottom of it with burnt umber and a slight touch of titanium white.



How to paint a nose

With a mixture of cadmium red, yellow ochre and a slight touch of ultramarine blue I start with the darker tones. Observing the forms of the nose especially down the right side where the bony protuberance are.



How to paint a nose

Here the darker tones and the pinkish middle tones are blended in with a tone in between these colours and are blended with the paint rather than blending with a brush. A blending brush is a fan shaped sable brush which blends the paint together and which I don't use because I feel it blends too much and your painting ends up looking really smooth like a photograph, so I prefer to blend by just using paint.


How to paint a nose

More tones are added to the right side of the nose and a bluish highlight is added down the middle of the nose, an highlight of almost pure titanium white is painted in to the bulbous end of the nose.



How to paint a nose

The finished nose and the tinted pinkish background serves as the middle tones here and which shows through here and there.



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How to paint a nose video clip

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How to paint a nose






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